I’m a transgender male and grew up VERY strong in the church. After coming out and transitioning, my faith has had its ups and downs. At church, I feel like some people feel that I don’t belong there; I’ve even had some questions like “is it possible to reverse back to a female or are there a lot of permanent things?” from my stake president.

At home, life is amazing. I have never been happier in my life. I have tons of friends that love me, and some that don’t even know. So it’s hard to be so happy at home and then attend a church that makes me feel like it’s a disappointment that I transitioned and that I “sinned.”

I am dating an LDS girl who is now also struggling with the church because she now has to think about something other than a temple marriage. I don’t attend church like I used to, but it’s really cool to see pages like this that give you so much hope.

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